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Emergency Water Damage Response and Restoration

One of the most important factors in successfully drying a structure is to respond quickly and start the drying process as soon as possible. Research shows that starting the drying process within the first 24 to 48 hours will not only reduce the likelihood of a mold problem dramatically, but speed up the drying process and mitigate further structural damage. Need help – call now.

Quick Response, Professional Work

"Thank you (Enviro Clean) for responding so quickly, especially since we needed your services on a weekend. Your people performed their jobs efficiently and professionally, and I appreciate the effort made by each one of them. Without your assistance we would have been faced with a greater disruption in our operations."

Scott DiChristofero, VP Finance, Gateway Healthcare, Inc.
Scott DiChristofero

Finding Hidden Moisture

In order to effectively dry a building, we have to know exactly where the moisture is located.

Enviro Clean certified technicians use a variety of devices to find and measure moisture that may be hidden from view – in and behind walls, ceilings and floors. Because we will never leave a job until it is thoroughly dry, we use moisture detection devices during and after the drying process as well.

Our technicians use Delmhorst moisture meters, both invasive and non-invasive, as well as FLIR Thermal Imaging (infra-red) cameras that allow us to see exactly what’s wet.

Insurance Coverage

Enviro Clean works closely with your insurance company and insurance agent; however, your insurance and coverage should be discussed with them.

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Water Damage Emergency Response Vehicle
Water Damage Emergency Response Vehicle