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Professional Education Seminars by Enviro Clean

Enviro Clean is available to give educational seminars and lectures throughout New England. Eric Anderson has developed several industry specific courses including his most popular, “The Truth About Mold”. These seminars are offered to professionals in various fields including property management, insurance, colleges and universities, and municipalities. Programs can be customized to meet the particular needs of each audience. ECI also offers accredited continuing education courses for insurance and real estate professionals.

If you are interested in having Eric give a seminar for you or hearing him speak at an upcoming event, whether about mold or restoration, please Fill Out our Contact Form.

Reliable For Emergency Situations

"It’s comforting to know that when a client has an emergency, and our office is closed, we can count on Enviro Clean to take care of their problem immediately. Your people are real professionals - they know what they’re doing, and they get the job done."

Bill Hunt, President, Shove Insurance, Inc.
Bill Hunt

Customer Testimony about our Seminars

“Eric Anderson has been an instructor of Continuing Education courses at The Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® for over twelve years. I have known Eric for ten of those years.

Eric is a true professional in all things. He teaches a course, “Mold Education and Risk” for our members. As you can imagine, Mold and the mitigation of Mold are both very important topics for anyone in Real Estate to know. Eric instructs our members so that they have great knowledge of the subject and can recognize Mold in their professional capacity.

His knowledge is always current. Eric is someone who is always looking to educate himself further and to keep current with all the new theories and practices in his profession. His manner is very comfortable and his classes are always taught that way, too. His students know that they can ask questions and will always be able to do so. He is able to hold their attention in the class, too. We have an evaluation at the end of each course and he always receives the highest marks and the greatest of compliments.

Eric is also someone who is a “team player”. He is very generous with his time and is always willing to help out when called upon to do so. His personality is very people-centered and very friendly. I feel that he is a true asset to our school and an instructor that is truly great.”

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Eric Anderson leading a drying tech seminar.
Eric Anderson leading a drying tech seminar.
Eric speaking about emergency response
Eric speaking about emergency response