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Expert Roof Repair Contractor in CT, RI and MA

Enviro Clean has a tremendous roofing team. Our sister company, Tech Design & Build has experience going back to 1983 replacing leaking roofs that are the result of property damage (fire damage, tree or wind damage, ice damming and snow) and just as often replace roofs due to normal wear and tear.

Good Effort, Cleanliness & Attitude

"Many thanks for the effort, cleanliness, attitude and ability of you and all of your workmen in completing this task. Your cooperation was much appreciated. Again, my thanks and best wishes."

Bradford R. Boss
Bradford R. Boss

Quality Roof Repair and Replacement

We believe your roof not only improves the appearance of your building, but is also your first line of defense against the elements. High quality materials are crucial in providing you with an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting roof. We only install the highest quality materials on our projects. Our roofing professionals can reroof with the same type of roofing material that you currently have or help you investigate alternatives to asphalt or composition shingles such as:

  • Wood shingles and shakes
  • Tile such as clay, ceramic, or concrete
  • Slate
  • Metal roofing including copper
  • Plastic polymers

We provide the absolute best service from your first call, through the re-roofing process and beyond.

Outstanding Residential and Commercial Roofing Service

Enviro Clean specializes in all types of roofing installation, including complex commercial roofing projects. We understand the diversity of commercial roof systems, and we are certified by the leading manufacturers of commercial roofing material to install their products.

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