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Attic Mold Removal & Remediation

Attic Mold - easy to detect, not so fun to clean... but is it dangerous?

The answer is ... it depends. Of course, right? But mold in the attic is the result of one of many different things occurring in your home.

What causes mold in the attic?

Our mold remediation technicians have seen it all. We’ve crawled in enough attics to identify in almost all cases what is causing the mold to grow. So when we clean attic mold and repair mold damage, we also help the customer prevent it from coming back.

It could be caused by:

  • Inadequate or poor ventilation
  • Over insulation
  • Insufficient insulation
  • Bathroom fans exhausting into the attic space instead of the exterior
  • Ice dams
  • Roof leaks from deterioration
  • Wet wood during construction

We are restoration and repair experts for the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern Connecticut area. We provide trusted home repair and disaster cleanup to fix or prevent conditions such as those mentioned above that lead to mold.

How does attic mold start?

In the majority of the attic mold cases we see, it is the result of poor ventilation. Your attic space should roughly be the same temperature as the outside. If you poke your head into the attic in the winter and see frost on the nails or sheathing (plywood), that is the result of condensation and too much heat in the attic. It's either insufficiently insulated or poorly ventilated. Condensation occurs when the dew point temperature occurs on the plywood rather than the insulation. This is why ventilation and insulation are critical in an attic space.

Reliable For Emergency Situations

"It’s comforting to know that when a client has an emergency, and our office is closed, we can count on Enviro Clean to take care of their problem immediately. Your people are real professionals - they know what they’re doing, and they get the job done."

Bill Hunt, President, Shove Insurance, Inc.
Bill Hunt

Can you use bleach to treat black mold?

In most cases of black-looking mold, we see black "freckling" and staining only on the plywood in attics. When this occurs, it needs to be cleaned properly. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Bleach can be very harmful and we do not recommend the use of bleach for any mold remediation. That and it's not an effective agent for mold removal (it does, however, help reduce the staining that mold may create on wood). Enviro Clean uses products specifically manufactured for mold cleaning and disinfection on wood surfaces.

How does a trusted mold removal service company handle the hot attic in the summer?

Attic remediation during the summer can be difficult because of the extreme temperatures. As a professional remediation company, we do adhere to all OSHA compliance regulations and do not allow our certified technicians to work in spaces reaching extreme temperatures, but we start and end the day early to often overcome this.

When should you call an expert for mold remediation?

If you poke your head up in your attic and see staining around nails, black dots, white or grey fuzz, white powdery substance on the wood, or any other suspicious markings or mold damage, please give us a call for a consultation! Most people don't think to check the attic because "out of sight - out of mind" with access only in a small access panel in a closet!

We serve the RI, MA and eastern CT region. For over 30 years, Enviro Clean has been helping homeowners recover from hazards such as attic mold. Give us a call to find out how to return your attic to a mold-free zone.

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Our mold abatement technicians remove attic mold and stop it from coming back
Our mold abatement technicians remove attic mold and stop it from coming back
Condensation can occur on attic nails when ventilation is inadequate
Condensation can occur on attic nails when ventilation is inadequate