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Emergency Board-up Repair, 24/7 Service

Often firefighters break holes in doors, windows or roofs in order to gain control of the fire. Once the fire is out, the city or town may require you to immediately board up those parts of the building that are exposed to the elements. Typically the fire department cannot leave the scene until this is done, so quick response is critical. Enviro Clean’s partner company, Insurance Reconstruction Services, maintains a fully-stocked emergency board-up vehicle that’s ready to roll on a moment’s notice to board-up and secure the building.

Quick Response, Professional Work

"Thank you (Enviro Clean) for responding so quickly, especially since we needed your services on a weekend. Your people performed their jobs efficiently and professionally, and I appreciate the effort made by each one of them. Without your assistance we would have been faced with a greater disruption in our operations."

Scott DiChristofero, VP Finance, Gateway Healthcare, Inc.
Scott DiChristofero

Here are some things should know:

  • Boarding up windows in a fire damaged building requires skill, training and experience and should only be done by a professional – that’s where we come in.
  • Enviro Clean first responders will be onsite within an hour of the call to meet with you and assess the situation.
  • Some roof damage may require tarps to prevent rain water.
  • Enviro Clean cannot enter or begin board-up process until the scene is released by the fire department.
  • In some cases, a crane is needed – we can provide that.
  • Most fires will also have water damage in addition to the smoke damage. It is critical to begin the drying and full restoration process immediately in order to prevent further damage.
  • Enviro Clean will work with your insurance carrier directly for billing purposes.
  • Enviro Clean has over 30 years experience as a company responding to emergency fire damage requiring board-ups.
  • Enviro Clean and Insurance Reconstruction Services will not pressure you about other services you may need. We know this is an emotional time. Upon your request, we will gladly set an appointment with you to review our other services when you are ready.
  • Do not let children enter the property and use caution if you enter a fire damaged property yourself.
  • Other board-up uses: condemned and foreclosed properties, public safety.
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Technician boards up residential house.
Technician boards up residential house.
Team boards up after a warehouse fire.
Team boards up after a warehouse fire.