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Immediate 24/7 response, since 1983

Fast, Professional Carpet Drying in New England

After a flood or other water damage, carpets can stay soaked for weeks unless properly dried and cleaned. With Enviro Clean’s advanced extraction and drying process, we can often save carpet and pad by drying in place—saving you the hassle of moving furniture and disrupting your life!

Completely Satisfied

"Completely satisfied with my experience with “Water Out” by Enviro Clean. Would certainly recommend you to others."

Betty Ann Taylor
Betty Ann Taylor

Speed is Key to Saving Water-Damaged Carpet

Mold can begin growing in as few as 48 hours—even on relatively clean carpet. Using the vortex drying (sometimes referred to as top-down drying) methods, we are able to dry out carpet materials without the risk of fungal growth. Our highly trained technicians can search out moisture with sophisticated moisture sensing equipment. Industrial-sized air movers and powerful dehumidifiers can extract large amounts of moisture from the air, limiting mold and mildew odors.

And, if mold already has a foothold in your building, our mold removal specialists can quickly evict mold spores—so your home or business remains a safe environment.

Expert Carpet Restoration for Any Emergency

Our water damage remediation technicians are skilled in handling any kind of water-related emergency:

  • Broken pipes
  • Roof leaks including damage from ice dams
  • Clogged drains
  • Flooded basements
  • Sewage backups
  • Water damage from firehoses
  • Regional flood damage

Enviro Clean Carpet Drying Specialists in MA, RI and CT

With over 30 years experience in providing professional and courteous emergency service, Enviro Clean is with you every step of the way after disaster strikes. From the first phone call, through the final trim, to the insurance reimbursement, our skilled staff is there for homeowners and commercial businesses in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut area.

We do it all—one phone call is all you need.

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