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Professional Hazmat Cleanup in New England

Enviro Clean is the leading certified hazmat cleanup company in New England. Along with mold and bacteria remediation, Enviro Clean has the expertise, training, team and equipment needed to successfully clean up and disinfect properties from just about any kind of hazardous waste. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mercury spills
  • Viruses:
    • Ebola
    • Nora Virus (see Testimonial here from a major university)
    • Hantavirus
  • Meth lab decontamination
  • Sewage backups
  • Industrial accident cleanups
  • Chemical spills and tear gas cleanup
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Animal/human waste
  • Asbestos removal
  • Medical waste transportation

Enviro Clean technicians are certified to safely remove biohazardous material and decontaminate the area while strictly adhering to federal and state health regulations.

Residential and Commercial Customers Rely on Enviro Clean

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to reclaim property from years of hoarding or a business needing cleanup after an industrial accident in the southern New England area, Enviro Clean will restore your structures to a clean and safe environment. We provide hazardous material cleanup to a range of industries:

  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Oil industry
  • Food service production
  • Real estate

Depending on the specifics of your situation, our crew can employ a variety of equipment and tools to eliminate pathogenic substances. First we seal off the contaminated area, remove all obvious dangerous materials, fluids and waste, then we use cutting-edge equipment to search out hazardous substance that is not obvious to the human eye. Our step-by-step decontamination process assures that your property is completely sanitized and safe again.

24-Hour Biohazard Team

Accidents can occur at any time—including 2 am on a holiday weekend—and Enviro Clean’s professionals are standing by to handle your emergency. Our highly trained technicians are trained to safely extract and dispose of pathogenic materials, and then properly clean, sanitize and deodorize the area.

Call our expert team to restore your property to a healthy and safe place to live and work at.

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