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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) & Infection Control - The Enviro Clean Process*

The COVID-19 disease and the coronavirus that causes it are huge news and spreading fast across the US. Fortunately Enviro Clean offers a designated virus decontamination service for businesses and institutions affected or at risk from infection. Our professional cleaning services use EPA approved plant-based disinfectants engineered to combat viruses and bacteria to cleanse deep and purge the viral loads that colonize interior surfaces. Disinfecting hazardous materials is our specialty. We have a leading track record of decontaminating interior spaces across New England, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Read about CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) & Infection Control - The Enviro Clean Process*

What is Coronavirus? And what is COVID-19?

Coronavirus is part of a large family of similar viruses. There are a large variety of different coronaviruses that cause diseases in humans and animals. Sometimes these viruses can be transmitted between species. Often they only cause common colds, but sometimes they can be more serious. MERS and SARS, which both have a high fatality rate, are types of coronavirus. COVID-19 is the latest coronavirus to be discovered. COVID-19 was unknown until it was transmitted to humans, and an outbreak began in the Chinese province of Wuhan. The virus is now global, and being transmitted across the US.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The symptoms of COVID-19 are not unique and consist of fever, shortness of breath, and a dry cough. It can only be diagnosed definitively with a test. Many people only get the virus mildly, but some develop difficulty breathing. As well as endangering life, the spread of COVID-19 puts a lot of strain on health services. It is important that businesses and institutions do what they can to disinfect and protect, to slow the spread of the virus.

How can you catch COVID-19?

Like a cold, the Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets. These are often released when coughing and sneezing. For this reason, it is important to stay 6 feet away from people in public and to catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue or the crook of your arm. Droplets that contain the virus also live on surfaces and may be picked up by the hands. This is why hand washing and not touching your face when out in public are so important. Professional cleaning with bleach solutions also kills known viruses on a surface.

How can businesses and institutions stop the spread of infection?

It is important to follow the advice from your Department of Health and the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Staff and visitors should be encouraged to use good hygiene and wash their hands with alcohol-based liquid soap, or regular soap and hot water for 20 seconds. People should avoid shaking hands and stay at least 6 feet away from one another. Once there is a suspected case, self-isolation of that individual is recommended. When buildings are open after a suspected case, it is recommended to use a professional cleaning service that offers virus decontamination.

How long does COVID-19 live on surfaces?

It cannot be said with certainty how long coronavirus lives on a surface, but it seems to behave like other coronaviruses in the family. These viruses can live for hours or even days on a surface, before being transmitted via the hands to infect someone. The exact amount of time will depend on numerous variables, such as the type of substrate, the temperature, and humidity.

We provide CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) & Infection Control cleanup to a range of industries:

  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Food service production
  • Commercial properties, and
  • Public and state owned buildings

Depending on the specifics of your situation, our crew can employ a variety of equipment and tools to eliminate pathogenic substances. First we seal off the contaminated area, remove all obvious dangerous materials, fluids and waste, then we use cutting-edge equipment to search out hazardous substance that is not obvious to the human eye. Our step-by-step decontamination process assures that your property is completely sanitized and safe again.

24-Hour Virus Decontamination Team - RI, MA, and CT

Enviro Clean specializes in implementing the most up to date protocols to disinfect building surfaces, killing viruses including the SARS-Cov2 virus that causes COVID-19. Our cleaning professionals are trained and equipped to safely remove and properly dispose of pathogenic materials, and then clean and sanitize your building.

To discuss professional cleaning, and protecting your staff and visitors, contact Enviro Clean today, and ask about Virus Decontamination.

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