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Certified Asbestos Removal Technicians at Enviro Clean

If you have an older home or commercial building that is damaged or requires repair work, it could expose you or the construction workers to asbestos. Because of its flame-retarding characteristics, asbestos was widely used as insulation and in other construction components for much of the 20th century—until eventually, the health dangers were recognized and it was banned.

Enviro Clean is a full service, licensed asbestos abatement and removal company. After fire or water damage, part of our assessment process will be to determine if asbestos is present and if this hazard could impact the restoration. If asbestos is shaken or otherwise disturbed, the fibers can become airborne causing exposure to an unsafe living or working space.

Recommended for an Emergency

"While this water emergency initially posed a significant challenge to our facility’s admissions process, we were able to carry on given the timely and professional response of Enviro-Clean. I would recommend Enviro-Clean to any colleague facing an environmental emergency."

Mark S. Levesque, MS, NHA Administrator, Hopkins Manor, Ltd.
Mark S. Levesque, MS

Home Asbestos Removal Service for New England

From the 1950s on, asbestos was an integral component of an acoustic ceiling called popcorn ceiling. In 1978, asbestos in popcorn ceiling was prohibited by law. But contractors were allowed to build with the remaining inventory, so homes constructed as late as the mid-1980s may still have asbestos in them.

Enviro Clean provides the New England area with licensed asbestos abatement and removal services—so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Qualified Asbestos Testing

The only way to be sure your home or office is free from asbestos is to remove samples and have them tested by a competent laboratory. Our highly trained technicians can take necessary samples and send it to a certified lab for asbestos testing to see if asbestos is a potential concern for your home.

Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

We can determine if asbestos removal or encapsulation is required—and provide fully trained and licensed abatement professionals who meticulously adhere to OSHA, state, and federal safety guidelines.

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